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报告题目:Dynamics of unilateral and bilateral control systems 






宋新宇, 二级教授,中国林科院博士生导师,河南省特聘教授,河南省学术技术带头人,河南省科技创新杰出人才,河南省种群生态模拟与控制院士工作站负责人,兼任中国数学会生物数学专业委员会常务理事等职。2017年获第八届梁希林业科学技术一等奖、中国林科院重大科技成果奖,2020年获河南省自然科学二等奖,曾获全国优秀教师、河南省留学回国人员先进个人和享受河南省政府特殊津贴专家等荣誉称号。主要从事生物数学、常微分方程与动力系统方向的教学与研究,在SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics,Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Journal of Theoretical Biology, Mathematical Biosciences 等期刊发表论文160余篇;主持国家自然科学基金面上项目6项、教育部留学回国人员科研启动项目1项。 2014-2019连续六年入选Elsevier中国高被引学者榜单。


In this talk, mathematical models for the management of biological resources based on a given predator-prey relationship are proposed, and two types of control strategies unilateral and bilateral control with impulsive state feedback are studied. The existence of the order-1 homoclinic orbit, order-1 periodic solution and bifurcation of homoclinic of the unilateral control system is obtained, and the attraction region of this system is also discussed. Besides, sufficient conditions for the existence and stability of the order-1 and order-2 periodic solution of the bilateral control system are also gained. Series of numerical simulations including bifurcation diagrams of periodic solution are performed, which not only verify the theoretical results we get but also reveal some peculiar dynamical phenomenons, such as the appearance of high order periodic solutions and existence of parameter intervals with drastic order change of periodic solution. By comparing the two management strategies, our study encourages bilateral control rather than unilateral control for the risk of predator extinction.


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